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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dressmaker on Netflix about?

Based on Rosalie Ham's best selling novel, The Dressmaker is the story of femme fatale Tilly Dunnage who returns to her small home town in the country to right the wrongs of the past. A stylish drama with comic undertones about love, revenge and haute couture.

What is the setting of the dressmaker?

The Dressmaker is a 1973 novel by British writer Beryl Bainbridge. Set in 1944, following the devastating WWII bombings of England, it is the story of a small, working-class family and their vicious cycle of mutual sabotage.

Who is'the dressmaker'in first image from 1950s-set Australian drama?

^ "Kate Winslet is 'The Dressmaker' In First Image From 1950s-Set Australian Drama". Retrieved 17 December 2014. ^ "The Dressmaker A Novel by Rosalie Ham".

What is'The Dressmaker'about?

That's where The Dressmaker comes in. Tess Collins' is looking for a way to escaping working for the family that employs her when she runs to the docks the day the Titanic is disembarking from Cherbourg. She manages to finagle her way into working for the famous Lady Lucile Doff Gordon as a maid - for now.

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