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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Commission do I get paid with superprof?

Please note that if you choose to be paid through Superprof a 10% commission will be taken from your hourly rate to cover administrative and transactional fees. If you sign up to the Premium pass, however, this commission will be waived and you will keep 100% of the hourly lesson fee.

How much should I charge for tutoring on superprof?

It's time to assess whether this rate is substantial enough to cover your tutoring jobs costs and preparation time. On SuperProf you don't pay commission. This means that if you charge £25 an hour, you'll receive £25 an hour. So there's no need to factor commission into your costs.

Is it expensive to use superprof as a student?

Although £29 may seem high for students to access the website, once a connection is made there is no obligation to pay any additional fees or commission to Superprof which we hope will end up saving students money in the long run. Please contact me at [email protected] if you need anything else.

Does supersuperprof charge a commission on lesson fees?

Superprof does charge a 10% commission on lesson fees paid through the website to help cover the administrative and transactional costs of managing the secure payment system to guarantee that you are paid in full and on time. However, by subscribing to the new Premium Pass for tutors you can benefit from zero commission on lesson fees once again.

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