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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be sujette?

[syʒɛ ] Word forms: sujet, sujette. adjective. être sujet à [personne][vertige, mal de mer] to be prone to ⧫ to suffer from; [sautes d’humeur, comportement] to be liable to. Elle est sujette au vertige.

How to use PRONOM sujet in French?

Pronom sujet: Pronoun Type. How to use Pronom sujet in French Subject pronouns replace nouns whose function is to perform the action of a verb. La fille chante. - The girl is singing. -> Elle chante. - She is singing. vous is used for plural you or singular you in a formal context

What is the difference between subject and topic?

Reste que le sujet de la relance englobe un volet européen, qui implique les régions. The subject of a conversation, letter, or book is the person or thing that is being discussed or written about. We got on to the subject of relationships. A topic is a particular subject that you write about or discuss.

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