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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for Eagle Pass ISD?

Eagle Pass ISD students (new to district, returning or Pre-K), register online by clicking on the appropriate link below. In-person - Available at your child (ren)'s campus. Telephone - Please contact your child's campus or the Office of Admissions at 752-3724, 752-3725 or 752-3723. Parent Portal Self Help: Forgot User Name? or Forgot Password?

How do I enroll students in Ascender parentportal?

Answer is required. Your ASCENDER ParentPortal account has been created. New Students: If you are new to the district and wish to enroll a student, click Create Account. Returning Students: Log on and complete the Returning Student Enrollment process.

How do I activate the portal for my EPISD-enrolled students?

Create an ID using an active and complete e-mail address (e.g., [email protected]). The final registration step is to visit your student's campus with a government-issued picture ID (e.g., driver's license) for in-person verification. Only one visit is necessary to activate the portal for all your EPISD-enrolled students.

What is the EPISD Parent Portal?

The EPISD parent portal provides parents with online access to information on their EPISD-enrolled students in near real time. Parents will be able to view their child's attendance, classroom assignments, and grades; additional information will be added to the portal over time. Parents will also be able to contact teachers directly by e-mail.

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