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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a job at UC San Diego?

Employment eligibility depends upon a student paying UC San Diego student services fees each quarter working. For summer employment, a student must have paid the prior spring quarter's UC San Diego student services fees or be a new fall quarter admit or readmit student. Q: Where can I find on-campus jobs?

Can a UC San Diego student work at a restaurant?

As a UC San Diego student you can work at any UC San Diego Dining Services facility on campus. Although it may be easier to live and work at the same college, you are not limited to the restaurant in your specific college. Under close supervision, employees will learn to provide general assistance to career food service workers.

What skills do you need to be a UC San Diego student?

Share a strong enthusiasm for UC San Diego. Work well with individuals and groups in a public environment. Can memorize and present information accurately and concisely. Can address all questions optimistically. Are active in the UC San Diego student community (clubs, community resource centers, athletics, etc).

How much does UC San Diego pay?

Rate of pay beginning 8/21/2022 $19. Must be eligible for student employment at UC San Diego: must pay UC San Diego Student Services Fees for each quarter of employment. Continuing students and spring quarter graduates must pay Spring Quarter Student Fees. New students or readmits for fall quarter must pay Intent to Register Fees.

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