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Frequently Asked Questions

Does strolleria offer free shipping?

Strolleria offers free shipping over $49, and for a limited time, get points on all purchases by signing up for our rewards program! Questions about 2023 Black Friday stroller deals? Call us at 480-442-9433, email us at [email protected], or start a live chat with our stroller experts.

Where can I buy a full-size stroller?

You can also update to a full-size stroller or an umbrella stroller with a canopy, stroller seat, adjustable handlebar, built-in cup holder & storage basket to keep you & baby comfy on the go. Check out to find these and a variety of other strollers from premium brands like Graco, Chikko, Colugo & more.

Should you buy a jogging stroller or a heavy duty stroller?

As an example, if you like to exercise, a jogging stroller would suit your needs better than one that is smaller and lightweight. However, if you live in a city where you do not need a car and frequently use the subway, a lightweight stroller might be more convenient than one that is quite heavy duty.

Are strollers a fall hazard?

The hazard on the strollers involves the hinge joints, which can "release and collapse" under pressure. This, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, poses a fall hazard to children in the stroller. The product was recalled on January 16, 2020.

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