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Frequently Asked Questions

What does strengthen means?

Strengthen(verb) to make strong or stronger; to add strength to; as, to strengthen a limb, a bridge, an army; to strengthen an obligation; to strengthen authority. Strengthen(verb) to animate; to encourage; to fix in resolution. Strengthen(verb) to grow strong or stronger.

What is the definition of strengthen?

Definition of strength. 1 : the quality or state of being strong : capacity for exertion or endurance. 2 : power to resist force : solidity, toughness. 3 : power of resisting attack : impregnability.

What are synonyms for strengthen?

Synonyms for Strengthen: n. v. •empower (verb) command, enforce, empower, authorize. Other synonyms: • convalescent, anneal, forearm, solidify, inure, concentrate, reinforcement, rejuvenate, encourage, promote, bolster, unite, revivify, develop, fasten, convalescence, recuperative.

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