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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Status Quo albums are coming out in deluxe?

Deluxe, expanded 2CD /3CD versions of three landmark Status Quo albums, namely Perfect Remedy, Rock ’Til You Drop and Thirsty Work are set for release by UMC on 6 March 2020.

What is the Meet&Greet with status quo deluxe edition?

Exclusive to the Official Store, everyone who pre-orders one of the Deluxe Editions has the chance to win a Meet & Greet and a pair of tickets to see Status Quo at a show of their choice during the Accept No Substitute 2015 Tour.

Which Status Quo albums are on the Vertigo label?

Status Quo are delighted to announce the release of deluxe expanded 2 CD versions of a trio of classic albums that were released on the revered Vertigo label, namely ‘Hello’, ‘Quo’ and ‘Rockin' All Over The World’. These special editions are issued by UMC, on 4th December 2015.

Who produced status quo's 1989 album Rock 'Till you Drop?

Released in 1989 the record charted at no 49 in the UK album charts. The album was produced by Pip Williams at Compass point in the Bahamas and features the singles ‘Not at All’ and ‘Little Dreamer’. Status Quo’s twentieth album Rock ’Till You Drop, produced by Francis Rossi, was the band’s last for Vertigo after being on the label for 20 years.

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