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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a status offense in Texas?

Status Offenders A status offense is a noncriminal act that is considered a law violation only because of a youth’s status as a minor.1 Typical status offenses include truancy, running away from home, violating curfew, underage use of alcohol, and general ungovernability. Scope of the Problem

What is a status offense in juvenile court?

Nearly 100,000 young people are drawn into the juvenile justice system each year for status offenses. Status offenses — behavior such as truancy, running away and curfew violations — are not crimes, but they are prohibited under the law because of a youth’s status as a minor.

Is a status offense a serious offense?

While status offenses are not serious offenses, they can have serious consequences for youth. What are status offenses? The five most common juvenile status offense examples include: acting out (also known as ungovernability, incorrigibility or being beyond the control of one’s parents).

What are the mdmdos offense codes for Michigan?

MDOS Offense Codes Page 61 SECTION CODE OFFENSE P T S STATUTORY LICENSE SANCTIONS A B S T F A C F C J WHEN TO ABSTRACT? Adjudication Sentencing or Both AHS APPEAL ** *** 257.319b(c)(iv) 9015 Michigan Implied Consent Refusal Non-moving violation Circuit Court – May Appeal 2nd Offense 0 N N N May Appeal Not Applicable

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