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Frequently Asked Questions

What is status migrainosus?

Status migrainosus is defined as a migraine lasting greater than 72hrs without a pain-free interval. Status migrainosus tends to be treated differently than shorter migraines and often requires intravenous treatments that are administered in an infusion center or hospital setting.

What is the pathomechanism of status migrainosus?

Introduction: Migraine is a disabling primary headache disorder with unknown exact pathomechanism. Status migrainosus (SM) is a complication of migraine (with or without aura), representing an attack that lasts for more than 72 h. There is a paucity of data published with regard to its pathomechanism and therapeutic options.

What are the treatment options for status migrainosus?

Parenteral steroid and fluid supply are the first choice in treatment of status migrainosus. Acetaminophen is suitable for mild to moderate migraine attacks and remains the first choice for children and pregnant women. Opiates are not recommended for acute migraine treatment at the present time because of serious adverse events.

What is the difference between status migraines and chronic migraine?

Chronic migraine: half of the days are of migraine severity/phenotype (≥ 15 days/month), for > 3 months 3. Status migrainosus:debilitating migraine attack ≥ 72 hours 4. Migraine aura without headacheis possible 5. Migraine with aura a.

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