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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the employment laws in NJ?

In New Jersey, the main employment law statutes are the Law Against Discrimination, the Conscientious Employee Protection Act and the New Jersey Wage and Hour Regulations. These laws were all put into place to prevent harassment, discrimination, retaliation and to make sure that employees receive their fair wages.

Is New Jersey a right to work state?

New Jersey Right to Work Laws. State laws commonly referred to as " right-to-work " laws require labor unions to allow the hiring of non-union workers, even though non-union workers are still entitled to the compensation and terms negotiated by the union. While an increasing number of states have passed these laws,...

What are the different types of state employment jobs?

Accountants, biologists, engineers, graphic designers, goods and services inspectors, human resources professionals, information technology experts, law enforcement officers, lawyers, legislative liaisons, mechanics, nurses, park rangers, social workers and trade specialists are just some of the many professions represented in more than 70 state agencies.

What is the New Jersey Civil Service Commission?

The New Jersey Civil Service Commission (NJCSC) is an independent organization that listens to and rules on appeals filed by state, county and municipal civil service employees, candidates for employment, and appointing authorities.

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