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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “starting over” mean to you?

“Starting Over” is for a new day and, like its title implies, a fresh start.

What is Chris Stapleton's new song 'starting over' about?

Chris Stapleton is headed somewhere in his new song “Starting Over.” Over a brushed snare rhythm by drummer Derek Mixon that evokes Willie Nelson’s version of “City of New Orleans” and lyrics about a road rolled out “like a welcome mat,” the country singer is in perpetual motion, his sight set on a better horizon.

What was John Lennon's song starting over about?

This song embodied the sense of renewal in Lennon and Yoko's professional and personal lives during the writing and recording of Double Fantasy. "It was kinda obvious what 'Starting Over' was about," said journalist David Sheff, who did the last major interview with Lennon, to Mojo.

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