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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the notes of chords?

A chord, in music, is any harmonic set of pitches consisting of two or more (usually three or more) notes (also called "pitches") that are heard as if sounding simultaneously. (For many practical and theoretical purposes, arpeggios and broken chords, or sequences of chord tones, may also be considered as chords.)

What is a guitar chord diagram?

Chord diagrams are a visual representation that shows you the fingering and note placements in order to play chords on the guitar. These are relatively simple diagrams in a form of a box.

What is chord change?

Chord progression. A chord progression is a series of musical chords, or chord changes that "aims for a definite goal" of establishing a tonality founded on a key, root or tonic chord and that is based upon a succession of root relationships.

What is a chord note?

A chord is 3 or more notes played together at the same time. For example, a C Major chord consists of 3 notes, C E and G. It can be any group of 3 different notes, some just wouldn't sound good. A scale is a group of notes that fit together in a certain order.

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