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Frequently Asked Questions

Why start a cleaning business in New York City?

New York offers ample opportunities for entrepreneurial success, especially when it comes to cleaning businesses. Whether you have created a niche and are only cleaning windows or offering full residential or commercial services, there are plenty of customers willing to pay for professional cleaning.

How do I start a cleaning company?

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make as a business owner when you start a cleaning company is to decide if you’re interested in starting a residential or commercial cleaning service. While you can certainly add cleaning services as your cleaning business grows, most cleaning companies fall under one of these two umbrellas.

Is it possible to start a cleaning business with no money?

In fact, all you need to become a successful residential cleaning business owner is the right checklist—and here it is. Is it possible to start a cleaning business with no money? That’s what Grace and Kevin Reynolds did when they started Handmaid Cleaning —now a nationally recognized brand—without much more than a mop and a van.

Do you need a business plan for a cleaning business?

Although writing a business plan isn’t mandatory for a cleaning business, it can help you crystallize your ideas and avoid many mistakes.

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