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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start my own house cleaning business in Colorado?

Starting your own house cleaning business in Colorado can be an exciting yet intimidating experience. According to maidpro. com, the house cleaning business is a very low cost start-up and is growing by 20 percent per year.

How much can you make as a cleaning business owner?

In one year, your cleaning business can easily make $39,000 in gross revenue. This assumes you’re working 30 hours a week and charging a $25 hourly rate for basic house cleaning services as a new business owner. Your gross revenue can be higher or lower, depending on your pricing method, average rates in your area, and how busy you are.

Why should you take it slow when starting a cleaning business?

There’s less pressure to find a long list of customers right away to keep employees busy. By taking it slow, you can focus on quality service, perfecting your workflow, and building your reputation, rather than relying on low cleaning prices to build your client list.

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