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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chris Stapleton's style of singing?

Dave Cobb credits Chris Stapleton for his simple, honest style. "If you listen to the records, the records are so minimal," he said. "It's just really about the song, the song that Chris has written."

Who is country music star Chris Stapleton's wife Morgane?

Country music star Chris Stapleton's genre-bending sound has earned him five Grammy awards and a spot among the all-time country greats. Integral to Stapleton's success is his partnership with acclaimed country music producer Dave Cobb and his artistic muse, harmony singer, and wife, Morgane.

Who produces Chris Stapleton's music?

Cobb, himself a guitarist and bassist, has worked with music royalty, producing for Barry Gibb, Sturgill Simpson, and Lady Gaga. In 2018, he contributed to the Grammy award-winning soundtrack for "A Star Is Born." A six-time Grammy award-winner, Dave Cobb told Alfonsi that producing Chris Stapleton is a unique experience.

Is Chris Brown's partnership with Morgane Stapleton what takes his sound higher?

Cobb asserted that the musical partnership between Chris and Morgane Stapleton is what takes Chris' sound to the next level. "I mean, a big part of the sound to me is those two singing together. Very few people in the world could keep up with him. And she certainly can."

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