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What is the standard form of a sphere?

Standard form of a sphere equation is. Where (h, ,j , k ) is center and r is radius of sphere. Separate variables and constants aside by subtracting 22 from each side. To complete the squre add (half cooefficient of x ) 2, (half cooefficient of y ) 2 and (half cooefficient of z ) 2to each side of the expression.

What is the equation for a sphere?

The formula for the area of the surface of a sphere is S=4πr2, and for the volume it is V= 4-3 πr3, where r is the radius of the sphere. Spherical geometry and spherical trigonometry are methods of determining magnitudes and figures on a spherical surface.

What is the parametric equation of a sphere?

1 Answer. George C. Answer: Explanation: One common form of parametric equation of a sphere is: where #rho# is the constant radius, #theta in [0, 2pi)# is the longitude and #phi in [0, pi]# is the colatitude. Since the surface of a sphere is two dimensional, parametric equations usually have two variables (in this case #theta# and #phi#).

What are the measurements of a sphere?

Sphere size is calculated using two measures: the volume (how much space the sphere takes up) and the surface area (the total area of the sphere's surface). Both sphere size and surface area can be easily calculated if you know the radius or diameter of the sphere. The formula for volume is 4/3 times pi times the radius cubed, or 4/3πr^3.

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