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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is St Joseph's University?

St. Joseph's University Brooklyn Athletics 212 Vanderbilt Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11205 | main: (718) 940-5833

When did St Joseph's College become a baccalaureate?

This Upper Division baccalaureate program opened in September 1972, and the Board of Regents of the State of New York authorized St. Joseph's College to join Long Island University C.W. Post Campus, in a Coordinate Campus program, the first such pattern adopted in the State.

What is Greek life at St Joseph's University - Long Island?

Greek Life at St. Joseph's University - Long Island is administered by the Office of Student Life and directly by the Greek Council of St. Joseph's University - Long Island. Currently, St. Joseph's University - Long Island has 6 Greek social organizations. St. Joseph's–Long Island athletic teams are the Golden Eagles.

Why should you attend St Joseph's University?

At St. Joseph's University, you’ll have opportunities to make friends and stay active in a sport you already know well — or you can enjoy a completely new challenge. You’ll have more choices than time. Just don’t stay on the sideline — unless, of course, you’re cheering enthusiastically for your fellow students.

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