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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register at St Clair College?

4. Online If you have been a St. Clair College student within the past year, you may register through the Self Service Login and pay online by using your seven digit student number and log-in/access code.

Where can I Find my St Clair?

You can find mySt.Clair by visiting or you by selecting the icon mySt.Clair located on the main college website. What is my username and password for mySt.Clair? How do I reset my password if I forget it?

What is Myst Clair?

mySt.Clair is St. Clair College’s Staff, Faculty, and Student portal. It brings together many of the colleges existing online services into a central location, making it easier to find and access college resources you need most here at the college. Where do I find mySt.Clair?

Does St Clair have an email account?

An email account will be provided to all St. Clair students and employees. It is the College's official email communication method. Any official electronic correspondence with College students and employees should only be from their college-issued account. A Blackboard account will be available for students and faculty.

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