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Frequently Asked Questions

What songs are categorized as Grade 4?

Want to view all songs categorized as Grade 4 on MusicplayOnline? Wake Me! Shake Me!, Hey Lidee, This Little Light, Frère Jacques, Lesson 1 Tips and Extras, Good Morning, Chester, Pizza Pizza, and so many more!

What is the Word Up project for 4th grade?

4th Grade Vocabulary Songs & Videos - The Word-Up Project - Fourth Grade - Flocabulary Introduce or review key vocabulary terms with Flocabulary's educational hip-hop songs and videos. Fourth grade students will learn new words and prepare for state tests.

What are the best welcome songs for the classroom?

The perfect circle time! One of our favorite welcome songs for the classroom. Good Morning to You! “Our day is beginning, there’s so much to do!” This classic welcome song is bound to start the day on a good foot. Hola, Bonjour, HELLO! Find out how to say “hello” in other languages!

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