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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sleep8 CPAP sanitizer?

The Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer is a handheld, portable unit that effectively cleans your CPAP equipment. It is lightweight and compact enough to use at home or on the road. How Does the Sleep8 Work? The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer was designed for simplicity, ease of use.

What is sleep8 and how does it work?

Sleep8 is a new and innovative CPAP cleaner and sanitizer that’s especially suitable for travelers. It can kill 99.9% of all germs, viruses, and bacteria in your CPAP equipment. Sleep8 is only one of two such products that have been tested and approved within the US. So, how does Sleep8 actually work? Let’s get to know.

Is the sleep 8 clean system easy to use?

The cleaning is very easy to use. The sleep 8 clean system is quick and easy. I place everything in my bag when I wake up and set the machine. In the afternoon, it clean and ready to be used that night. I love my Sleep 8. Easy to use! Easy to use and rechargeable.

How do I Clean my sleep8 device?

While the Sleep8 device is running it uses activated oxygen, also known as Ozone or O3, in order to sterilize all of your CPAP accessories. This is a high-quality sanitation process which requires minimal effort from you. The Ozone method of cleaning is a hospital grade method which ensures more than 99% of germs are killed.

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