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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sleep8 CPAP sanitizer?

Sleep8 CPAP sanitizer is essential for maintaining your good health if you use sleep apnea therapy equipment daily. How does the Sleep8 work? Sleep8 bag large enough to fit all of your CPAP device inside.

What is the best CPAP sanitizing companion?

The Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Companion out ranks the cheaper CPAP cleaners, but below the best in class SoClean. If you are looking for a decent mid-point, Sleep8 might be the answer. Sleep8 is a lightweight and compact portable CPAP cleaner that uses activated oxygen (ozone) to clean your CPAP equipment.

What is a sleep8 sanitation kit?

The Sleep8 sanitation kit for your CPAP mask, tubing and water chamber tub use the water-less activated oxygen system that kills more than 99% of germs, sanitizing areas UV light can’t reach. The result is a CPAP kit that’s clean, travel-friendly, and comfortable to use. Now with a 30 day trial!

Does sleep8 sanitize all items in the filter bag?

A: Yes, Sleep8 will sanitize all items zipped into the filtered bag. However, only the mask, tubing and water chamber are necessary because they are the only parts that contain or carry moist air. Q: Can Sleep8 be used to clean the water chamber?

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