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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCISD connect?

CCISD Connect is a new way to stay informed about your child’s school and student information. Our new websites allow you to view the latest information from your child’s school. The Home Access Center provides CCISD parents the ability to access grades, attendance, schedules and assignment information with a single log in account.

What is skyward's family access?

With Skyward's Family Access, you can drive new levels of parent engagement and make transparency a top priority. School districts have reported improved student accountability and stronger parent-teacher communication mere weeks after rollout. It's more than just an online report card.

Why do parents choose skyward?

“With Skyward, parents in our district have become more involved with their child's school work. They find it easy to navigate Family Access, view missing assignments, and connect with teachers about things occurring in the classroom.” Take back your time and move your processes forward. Why Choose Skyward?

What is the Corpus Christi ISD eschoolplus family app?

Corpus Christi ISD is proud to add the eSchoolPLUS Family App to its list of tools to better communicate student success. The app will allow guardians to view attendance, class work, class calendar events, grades and transportation information. Guardians can also send an email to a teacher by tapping the teacher’s name.

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