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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the average dimensions of baking sheets?

There are five sizes of baking sheet pans that restaurateurs need to know about: Full size (26" x 18"), Two-Thirds size (21" x 15"), Half size (18" x 13"), Quarter size (13" x 9"), and Eighth size (9" x 6.5").

What are the best baking sheets?

Standard sizes are most useful. Although you’ll find plenty of rimmed “jelly roll” baking sheets at grocery and kitchen-supply stores, they’re often thin and wobbly. The best rimmed baking sheets are the aluminum half-sheet pans used in commercial kitchens and adopted by many home bakers and cooks.

What are the dimensions of a baking sheet pan?

Sheet pans are 18-by-26-inch pans designed for commercial use. These pans will not fit into the typical home oven, but are common in commercial kitchens. Half-sheet pans are a much more practical size for your baking needs, measuring 13 by 18 inches.

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