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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some interesting features on Mercury?

10 Interesting Facts About Mercury Longer Day Than Year. ... Mercury's Unique Orbit. ... Difficult to Spot in the Sky. ... Mercury Has No Rings or Moons. ... Second Hottest Planet. ... Molten Core. ... Mercury Has Organic Material and Water Ice. ... The Most Cratered Planet. ... Two Probes Have Visited Mercury. ... Changing Atmosphere. ...

What are some cool facts about the planet Mercury?

Cool Facts about Mercury Mercury is only 4,879km in diameter, which even though it sounds quite big, is very small when you compare them to the other planets. Mercury was only discovered as a planet it 1543, nobody realised it was a planet; they just thought it was a star.

Is Mercury the smallest planet?

With a mean radius of 2440 km, Mercury is the smallest planet in our Solar System, equivalent in size to 0.38 Earths.

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