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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)?

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation is authorised by the Singapore Government (specifically Singapore Customs) to issue, endorse and certify Certificates of Origin and other supporting documents under Section 3 of the Exportation (CO & Commonwealth Preference Cert.) Order '71. SMF has been endorsing CO's for more than 20 years. Good news!

How many SMF member companies are there?

Currently, SMF has more than 3,000 member companies comprising of local SMEs and leading MNCs. Member companies are categorised into 10 Industry Groups and supported by its Centres of Excellence to address each industry’s unique and specific needs and interests.

What are the different types of memberships for the manufacturing industry?

Membership is now open to companies in the manufacturing as well as non-manufacturing industries, registered under the Singapore Law. 1. Manufacturing Members Manufacturing Members may be Manufacturing Business Members or Manufacturing Association Members.

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