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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Severus Snape?

On May 23, Rowling added to the thread to talk about Severus, the first name of potions master Professor Snape. Severus Snape appeared in every Harry Potter book and movie, in which he is portrayed by Alan Rickman. RELATED: Harry Potter: The REAL Reason Neville was Initially an Unimpressive Wizard

What does the name Severus mean?

His first and last names loosely translate to mean "stern" and "disgrace," respectively. The meanings behind his first and last names are significant to his character. The name Severus translates to "strict" or "stern" in Latin, which seems to match the professor's demeanor quite well.

What is Snape's real name?

Snape brought sarcasm and wit to the daily grind of the schooling year, but his secret bravery was kept hidden until the very end of the story. His first name, Severus, has its roots in Latin, directly translating to mean ‘stern’ or ‘harsh’.

Did Lord Voldemort betray Severus Snape?

Indeed, during Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort's final duel, Voldemort was at first dismissive of Harry's claims that Severus Snape betrayed him after he didn't spare Lily's life and how Snape's patronus was the same as Lily's as he had loved Lily since they were children, showing Snape's great skills in Occlumency.

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