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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix “the audio service is not running” error?

You should check the audio related services settings: press Windows logo key and S -> type services -> press Enter to run -> find Windows Audio -> check the Status column. If Windows says “the Audio service is not running”, it means it’s Stopped and you need to fix this issue now.

How do I fix the audio service on Windows 10?

When you find the audio service is not responding on Windows 10, you should run Services to check the status of “Windows Audio” service (Windows sound service). If it’s not running, please fix it by modifying in CMD or Registry, updating drivers, or in other ways. Restart the Windows Audio service.

How do I list services in Windows 10 service manager?

Windows: List Services – CMD & PowerShell. The services in Windows can be listed using the Service Manager tool. To start the Service Manager GUI, press Win keybutton to open the start menu, type in services to search for the Service Manager and press Enter to launch it.

What are the best music streaming services for sound quality?

For example, Amazon Music Unlimited, Primephonic, Qobuz, and Tidal pride themselves on sound quality, delivering premium Hi-Res Audio tunes that feature uncompressed audio that surpasses your typical music stream. Considering that most online music services' streams are in the compressed, 128Kbps to 320Kbps range, this trend is impressive.

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