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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a server IP address?

A server address is another name for an Internet protocol or IP address. Each computer has its own IP address, and when a person types the name of a website into a browser, he is actually directed to the IP address associated with that website's name.

What are the server addresses?

The server address is categorized into two - External Address and Internal Address . You may see your server address in many of our articles in many different ways, as shown in the tables below. Here are some common terminologies you will find useful and may encounter in other support articles.

What is the Minecraft cube server?

The Cube is a group of video game commentators who record on a constant basis, and they share a passion for Minecraft. The origin of the Cube began with the Cube SMP. The Cube SMP is a public, whitelisted, invite-only, survival-multiplayer server founded by Graser10 and Strauberryjam which began on November 25th, 2013.

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