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Frequently Asked Questions

What is seed marketing structure?

MARKETING STRUCTURE Seed distribution systems Seed distribution can be carried out by government, public sector agencies, co- operatives and the private sector or, as is often the case, by a combination of all of these. Channels for seed marketing may be described as:

How does a farmer based seed production system work?

In the process input and products flow through the system adding value. Money also changes hands. There are many activities and actors in between. Farmers are also scattered, with its own impact on efficiency of the system. Three institutions are directly involved in farmer based seed production in the study area.

Should seed producers be organized into cooperatives?

Accordingly it is recommended that seed producers get organized into cooperatives and union at zonal level. Further it is recommended that mechanisms put in place for adequate input supply, adequate facilities and the incentive system (price) redesigned based on market forces. 1

How profitable is seed production?

A study conducted by the project on profitability of seed production also indicates an incremental profit of 37and 34% for barley and wheat, respectively compared to grain production. But many constraints are involved despite its viability to farmers.

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