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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I upgrade to exchange 2016 Cu22?

If your organization is running on earlier CU, we recommend you upgrade to the latest CU immediately to patch your server and continue receiving the latest Security Updates. However, some users who upgraded to Exchange Server 2016 CU22 and installed the security patches released for CU22 reported failed installation issues.

Is the latest Cu22 Security Update installed?

Yes, the latest security update for CU22 has been successfully installed. No, at this time everything appears to be functioning normally. I'll close the question. Thanks. Good to hear that you issue has been resolved. The pre-requisites for upgrading Exchange Server to CU22 has been changed.

How to upgrade from RTM to Cu1 to Cu22?

You can directly upgrade to CU22 from RTM or CU1 build. But before downloading the CU22 build, check your current CU by running the following command in Exchange Management Shell Get-ExchangeServer | fl Name,Edition,AdminDisplayVersion Then visit this page to download the Exchange Server 2016 CU22 update and mount the downloaded ISO.

How do I upgrade my Exchange Server to May 2022 Su?

Update your Exchange server to the latest CU, install May 2022 SU and then follow the steps above. You need to run /PrepareAllDomains only once per organization and those changes will apply to all versions of Exchange Server within the organization.

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