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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the manufacturer of hand sanitizer in Malaysia?

HanaMedic is a Malaysian supplier, OEM manufacturer and distributor of hand sanitizer and disinfectants. The company specialises in personal care and other medical products. It supplies cleaning and sanitizing agents in Malaysia and carries its own brand.

Where to buy bulk hand sanitizers?

Hence, if you want to buy bulk hand sanitizers for donation or for retail, you can choose BeCleanse as your supplier. BeCleanse is a China hand sanitizer manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in hand sanitizer formulation and export.

Who is OEM hand sanitizer manufacturer?

We are an OEM hand sanitizer manufacturer based in KL, Malaysia. If you are looking for urgent sanitizer ready stocks or OEM your own brand, please contact us at 012-9700087 or send in your enquiry at the bottom of the page. Besides, we produce OEM oxygen tank too. We have FOUR (5) types of hand sanitizers available as below:

Can I refill product into a sanitizer dispenser?

Product can be refilled into a sanitizer dispenser (hand pump/mist spray). Product can be refilled into a sanitizer dispenser (hand pump/mist spray).

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