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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is San Remo located?

Affectionately known as the city of flowers, the Town of San Remo is located on the west coast of Italy, around fifty kilometers east of Europe’s premium gambling establishment, the Elysium Monaco in the Province of Liguria . It’s a small harbor town on the Italian Riviera with a population of about 55000 people.

Where is Sanremo in Italy?

Location of Sanremo in Italy. Sanremo or San Remo (Italian pronunciation: [sanˈrɛːmo]; Ligurian: Sanrému, locally Sanrœmu) is a city and comune on the Mediterranean coast of Liguria, in north-western Italy. Founded in Roman times, it has a population of 57,000, and is known as a tourist destination on the Italian Riviera.

What to see in San Remo Italy?

What to See in San Remo. La Pigna, the Pinecone, is the oldest part of the city. La Pigna's tiny streets and covered alleyways wind up the hill to the gardens and sanctuary at the top. Some of the historic buildings, churches, and squares have been restored, and there are signs describing them along the tourist itinerary.

What is San Remo Casino famous for?

Since it opened in 1905, the Municipal Casino in San Remo, Italy, has become famous for its prestigious and refined gambling plus its origin of the stud poker game called Telesina. Interesting, in 1924, the dictator Mussolini closed every Italian gambling facility, except this one.

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