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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose runtru?

RunTru provides year-round comfort at an affordable price. RunTru meets your business needs and fits your customers’ budgets. RunTru delivers the performance you need to stand out from the competition.

Is Trane runtru a good brand?

RunTru by Trane provides a great HVAC experience and leverages the exceptional engineering and manufacturing of one of the most trusted HVAC brands, Trane. RunTru includes a full line of ducted split and packaged units, currently up to 14 SEER air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, coils, and air handlers.

What is a runtru packaged unit?

Packaged Units: Whether you’re replacing an existing system or installing in new home construction, RunTru packaged units save on space and make installation a snap by housing the heating and cooling equipment within a single outdoor cabinet. Indoor Air Coils: In any season, our all-aluminum RunTru indoor air coils stand up to year-round use.

What is runtru warranty?

RunTru offers coverage and peace of mind where it counts—with the hardest-working components of the system covered for the long haul. RunTru’s Warranty means that if it’s been installed, it’s covered for the full Limited Warranty Terms.

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