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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roehl a good company?

Roehl is fairly a good trucking company to start at. I joined through their GYCDL program with flatbed OTR. Now I do curtain side. My average pay was roughly 790-1200$. My advice to you is, you have to at least stay out 36 days to get the most of your money. If you want to go home all the time you’re not gonna get the most of your miles.

What companies offer CDL training?

Knight runs its own CDL school through a sister company called Squire TransportationUnique hometime opportunities are available such as 7 on / 7 off schedulesAbundant regional and dedicated driving opportunities availableNo team driving. ...When accepted to the Squire CDL Training Program, you are a paid employee earning $300 / week during CDL schoolMore items...

Is Roehl trucking a good company?

• Roehl is generally a good company, emphasize on safe driving and many employees said good things about the company. • Orientation was fine, learned the overview of the company.

Does Roehl hire felons?

Roehl Transport. This is one of the main employers of truck drivers. This company hire felons with convictions that are seven years old or more. Roehl Transport has the advantage of offering the hired employees training and other career development options.

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