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Frequently Asked Questions

What is All-Star Tower Defense on Roblox?

All-Star Tower Defense is all centered around anime. It’s one of the many anime-related games you can find on Roblox. Collect your favorite anime characters as your towers, and use them to fend off the incoming enemy waves. Use the summoning gate to gather even more units and build your arsenal.

What are the best towers in Roblox tower defense simulator?

Which towers are best to use in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator? 1 1) Commander. TOP 5 BEST TOWERS In TDS || Tower Defense Simulator Watch later. 2 2) Ranger. 3 3) Golden Cowboy. 4 4) DJ Booth. 5 5) Farm.

How many levels are there in all star tower defense?

There are more than 25 levels in this game, and choosing the right character as the level increases is vital, and here our All Star Tower Defense Tier List comes in handy. The world of All Star Defense consists of more than 30 characters which can be used around 3 worlds and there are over 25 levels in the game.

How do I get daily tasks in all star tower defense?

Daily tasks are available every day when you first login to All Star Tower Defense. To find them, simply launch the game and click the Tasks button on the left of the screen. Some of these tasks include: Though time consuming, this is an easy way to farm gems because the only way to earn these is by playing!

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