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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce Bob Mueller's name?

Wikipedia says that Bob Mueller’s name is pronounced as if it were spelled muller, to rhyme with fuller. Not all people with this surname pronounce it as such—some say myūler, as if the word ‘you’ were in the first syllable.

How do you pronounce the UE in Müller?

The UE in Müller is an alternative spelling of the umlaut (found in Müller or Brügger). My Swiss–American relatives changed their family name from Brügger to Brugger (instead of Bruegger), and they pronounce it /brʊgər/, but when they come to their “motherland” they’ll hear people pronounce it “as it should” be.

What is the difference between Mueller and Miller?

Mueller translates as Miller and the pronunciation of the two are not too dissimilar. Essentially though, each language has a set number of phonemes. English has about 45 and if we borrow a foreign word with a strange phoneme, we have to replace that phoneme with a native one.

Why is the Independent Counsel's name always pronounced as Muhler?

Why is the independent counsel's name always pronounced in the media as "Muhler," when the "ue" in "Mueller" represents "u-umlaut" in German, which is pronounced "Mule-er" or "Myoo-lur”? It is notoriously difficult to try to represent foreign sounds using only the letter sound correspondences of your own language.

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