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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to upload a PDF file to ResearchGate?

First of all, as far as I know, ResearchGate does not require uploading PDF files in order to add your research work to your profile in this website. However, it is very important to explore the possibility of uploading them, as it gives more visibility to your research and makes it available to more people.

How do I Find my published research on ResearchGate?

You will then be able to find the research item listed on the Research tab on your profile. Note: If you’re having trouble finding your published research, you can try using the search box at the top of any ResearchGate page. How do I create a publication page?

How do I add publications to my profile on ResearchGate?

ResearchGate makes it easy for you to add all types of research and publications to your profile. Click the large blue box at the top right of any ResearchGate page and then select the applicable publication type from the drop-down menu. Why aren't all my citations/references on ResearchGate?

Why should I upload and display my work on ResearchGate?

By uploading and publicly displaying your work on ResearchGate, you are making it publicly available to all users of ResearchGate – both to ResearchGate members using the site logged in, and people without an account who access it logged out. ResearchGate does not require you to relinquish any rights that you may have in your work.

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