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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a microphone to record live music?

For instance, you can rent condenser microphones designed for the stage which are especially good for recording live performances, and there are exotic studio mics such as ribbon microphones that can create recordings with their own unique acoustic character.

Why rent a microphone at Guitar Center?

From dynamic to condenser, omni to cardioid, you can rent the microphones you need for any gig, event or recording session at Guitar Center. Our well-trained associates will help you find exactly the right mix of mics to get everyone and everything heard. You are the Man!

What is the best sound system for wedding ceremonies?

Sound Package 1 is our most popular rental system for wedding ceremonies and receptions. This compact and easy to use system includes 1 wireless handheld microphone to be shared between the Officiant and the couple. It can be used by passing it back and forth or in an interview style.

How do I Reserve a sound package 3 for my wedding?

Click on the Reserve On-line Now button below to get started. Sound Package 3 is perfect for those weddings where the Officiant needs to be hands-free. This system is compact and easy to use and includes 1 low profile headset microphone and 1 wireless handheld microphone for use by the Officiant and the couple.

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