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Frequently Asked Questions

Is renting a home better than renting an apartment?

If the price to rent a house for one year is one-twentieth or less than the cost to buy the home, renting is a better deal. If you are saving money living in an apartment, that money can go toward investments that can give greater dividends than buying a home.

Should you rent an apartment or a house?

Look at rent-to-buy options. If you think you'll be renting long-term, but cannot afford full mortgage payments, some locations offer rent-to-buy leases that culminate in eventual property ownership. House rentals are more likely to include rent-to-buy clauses in the lease.

Is a house more expensive than an apartment?

Renting a house is often more expensive than renting an apartment, but there are a number of advantages to choosing a house over an apartment regardless. You can consider splitting the greater expense by getting additional roommates, as you’ll have more room to share.

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