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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you rent a car in Costa Rica?

Renting a car in Costa Rica rewards you with the freedom to go wherever you want. It also awards you the flexibility to travel whenever you want and to make stops, if and when desired, along the way. This is arguably the biggest advantage to renting a car in Costa Rica.

Is car rental insurance mandatory in Costa Rica?

When the car rental company tells you that you have to purchase “mandatory insurance,” it’s because most of the car rental companies have their own policies. This is not the mandatory insurance by Costa Rican law. This insurance is the one that covers the damages of the car you rent and third party damages.

Should you get an airport car rental in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is not a large country. Yet, it does possess several modern airports. The two largest international airports are found in Liberia and San José, the country's capital. In either, you can arrange for a car rental . You can also book well in advance and have the vehicle waiting there for pick up.

Should I bring a car to Costa Rica?

There are no import duties if you stray less than 90- days, BUT, the high cost of getting your vehicle here and back home again might well be more expensive than a renting a car. When you bring a car to Costa Rica by any means, driving, shipping it, etc. you are charged import duties.

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