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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to register for rentcafé Pha?

In order for you to register for RENTCafé PHA, you must have a valid email address. The user name used for registration must be unique to the user creating the account. The Email Address and Last Name used during the registration process must match the information we currently have on file.

Why choose rent café Pha?

Provide equal access to housing opportunities. RENT Café PHA translates your application interviews from English into more than 80 languages. Prospects upload application documents to RENT Café PHA without the hassle of mailing or dropping off paperwork. Electronic applications eliminate the cost and risk of storing physical files.

How can the rentcafe resident app help you?

Download the free Resident App, available now on iTunes and Google Play . Gain increased exposure, more leads, and better chances to fill vacancies with qualified residents! Generate higher resident retention and satisfaction with online rental applications, approvals, and lease renewals, while making your residents’ life easier.

How do I use the snrha rentcafé mobile app?

Go to RENTCAFÉ. DOWNLOAD the SNRHA RentCafé Mobile Application to your iPhone or Android. Login to view your information, make Online Rent Payments and Maintenace Requests. Simple and easy to install and use.

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