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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rediff mail?

Rediffmail is an email provider in India which enables its clients to create free email accounts. It provides 10MB on mail attachment. The email service supports POP3 and SMTP servers to access Rediff mailbox. Rediff email Incoming Mail Server (POP3) – (port 110)

How to configure IMAP server settings in Rediff mail?

Below is the window where you’ll enter server settings as follows for IMAP configuration: Email address – enter the complete email address. Incoming mail server – Outgoing mail server ( SMTP ) – Click on More settings Tab in right side bottom.

How do I connect to Rediffmail pro via SMTP?

In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server box, type "" Kindly Note: When accessing Rediffmail Pro from behind a proxy server, kindly check with systems administrator to make sure that Port 110 and Port 25 are open so you can successfully access your mails in Outlook Express. Click "Next."

How to take Rediffmail mail backup?

Therefore, one can opt SysTools Gmail Backup tool to take Rediffmail mail backup. Through “Apply filter” option select the folder for which the backup is required and save emails to the desired location. Rediffmail was one of the most widely used email clients.

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