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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Red Cross need blood?

Red Cross in critical need of blood donations. The organization donates their blood to local hospitals for patients that need regular blood transfusions and trauma patients. The nation's flu epidemic also means fewer people can give blood, right now. Because blood can only be kept for a short time, getting donations often is even more critical.

Why should I donate clothes to Red Cross?

To donate clothes to Red Cross is to help strengthen the charity cause for many Americans in need. Some clothes end up being donated to charity such as Red Cross, while many tons of textiles instead end up in landfills or being shredded for stuffing for furniture and wall insulation.

What is Red Cross phone number?

Red Cross Customer Service Phone Number. The Customer Service Phone Number of Red Cross is: 1-800-733-2767 /202-303-5214 /(+91-11) 23716441/2/3. The American Red Cross is a philanthropic organization that supports people in all natural disasters.

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