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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word recurring mean?

The definition of recurring is happening time and again, or returning. If you are charged the same payment for a gym membership every month, this is an example of a recurring payment. If you have the same nightmare about falling down for nights on end, this is an example of a recurring nightmare. Happening or occurring frequently, with repetition. He has recurring asthma attacks.

What does word mean repeated or recurring?

Recurring and reoccuring, or the base forms recur and reoccur, are very similar in pronunciation, spelling, and meaning. However, there is an important distinction. Recur is a verb that means to happen repeatedly or to happen again after an interval of time. The gerund form and the progressive form of the verb is recurring.

What is another word for reoccurring?

recurrent; recurring; reoccurring; repeated; repeating; repetitious; returning; sempiternal; unceasing; unchanging; undying; unending; unfailing; uninterrupted; unremitting; without end

What does recurring issue mean?

recurring issue. recurring issue. [ri′kər·iŋ ′ish·ü] (ordnance) An issue made on a cyclic basis to replenish materiel consumed or worn out through fair wear and tear in operations, with each issue being made to a consignee eligible to request further replenishment when required, in the foreseeable future.

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