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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRM records management?

The primary certification for records managers is the Certified Records Manager (CRM). The CRM is a designation for experienced information and records management professionals with management-level responsibilities.

What is the importance of record management?

Concept of record management. Record management is the area of office management which deals with the maintenance of records of organization. It is very important for management for control of records. It is an art of handling and maintaining office records from the time of creation to disposal.

What is Records Management (RM)?

Records management (RM), also known as records and information management (RIM), is an organizational function responsible for the creation and maintenance of a system to deal with records throughout a company's lifecycle. RM includes everything from the creation of a record to its disposal.

What is records management process?

Records management is a process for the systematic management of all records and the information or data that they contain.

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