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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best record player to buy?

If you’re one of those people that likes to peer inside the workings of your gear, the Gearbox MKII Transparent turntable is the best perfect record player for you. From an aesthetic point, it takes direct inspiration from a 1955 classic called the Braun PC 3 SV, designed by industrial legend Dieter Rams.

What does a good record player have?

What Makes a Good Record Player? Low Vibration Chassis and Motor. The best turntables generally have some proactive approaches to vibrations, and for good reason. ... Stable Rotation Speed. Keeping the speed stable is pretty much the most important aspect involved in accurate record playback. Low Resonance Tonearm. ... High-Quality Phono Cartridge. ...

How much does a record player cost?

The value varies enormously. A cheap record player from the ’70s could go for 30–40$ while a fully serviced Garrard 301 would set you back way north of 1.000$. It depends on the record player and its condition.

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