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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we begin with read to self?

We begin with Read to Self because it sets an essential foundation for creating lifelong readers, writers, and learners who are independently motivated. Follow the two phases below: These prerequisite lessons embody the language, routines, expectations, and behaviors on which all the other components of Daily 5 are based.

How to read in silence to store information better?

In order to store information better, reading in silence should be complemented with making summaries and outlines. Reading in silence allows you to focus on what you’re reading, but if you don’t do anything else, it won’t be very useful. That’s because you have to actively engage in the material, make it your own.

What should I do after the first reading?

After the first reading, it’s important to highlight the important ideas, stop to reflect on the confusing parts, and find information that can clear up any questions you have. It’s important to highlight and take notes.

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