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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a call sign assigned to an amateur radio station?

Amateur Radio Service. A unique call sign is assigned to each amateur station during the processing of its license applications. Each new call sign is assigned sequentially using the sequential call sign system, which is based on the alphabetized regional-group list for the licensee's operator class and mailing address.

What are the callsigns for Internet/digital radio stations?

Each nation has been allocated a series of callsigns for Internet/Digital Radio stations that operate within their boundaries, with the individual call letters assigned on a first-come, first-served basis by IRUC. Aside from the standardized prefix, the station operator may select a 2-, 3- or 4-letter suffix to the callsign (e.g., KLMN). READ MORE.

Can you pick your own ham radio call sign?

You can pick your own ham radio call sign (within certain limits, of course). If you’re the sort of person who likes having a license plate that says IMABOZO or UTURKEY, you’ll enjoy creating a so-called vanity call sign.

What were the first call signs used for?

According to an article on the Air Force website by Second Lieutenant William Powell, the first call signs were probably used by ground controllers to communicate with pilots during World War I.

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