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Frequently Asked Questions

How does tableau integrate with tabpy?

Tableau can connect to the TabPy server to execute Python code on the fly and display results in Tableau visualizations. Users can control data and parameters being sent to TabPy by interacting with their Tableau worksheets, dashboard or stories.

How do I connect tableau to a Python Server?

From the list of connectors, select the file type or server that hosts your data. If prompted, enter the information needed to sign in and access your data. Click the plus icon, and select Add Script from the context menu. In the Script pane, in the Connection type section, select Tableau Python (TabPy) Server.

How do Python functions work in tableau?

The Python code within that file defines the called function, which receives a pandas dataframe from Tableau Prep (think of it as a simple spreadsheet in your computer’s memory), does something with it, and returns a dataframe.

Why can't I create a Tableau extract using the Python script?

The Python generated calculated fields will not be extracted if you create a Tableau extract. The Python script will run only when you put it into the view. You cannot use the Tabpy calculations to create values and base additional calculations on those values unless you can use both calculated fields in the view.

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